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NYC Fall for Dance II

September 28, 2008

The second Fall for Dance program I saw, last Thursday, prompted reflections on the differences between modern dance and ballet, and why, over the years, I’ve increasingly gravitated toward the latter. 

The ballet on the bill was The Suzanne Farrell Ballet in Pithoprakta, “Action by Probabilities”, choreographed by Balanchine in 1968 for Farrell (his last great muse) and Arthur Mitchell. Set to spiky electronic music by Iannis Xenakis, the ballet had a short life—after Farrell left the company the following year, it was dropped from the repertory.  Read on

The Scoop on Sara Palin and Censorship

September 23, 2008

“My favorite Sarah Palin cartoon circulating on the web is one showing a huge moose, Alaskan no doubt, with a cartoon bubble saying, ‘BE AFRAID…BE VERY AFRAID!'” wrote Francine Fialkoff, editor-in-chief of Library Journal, in a September 18 editorial. Read it and you’ll agree with the moose.     (Thanks to my friend Jerry Weinstein for alerting me to this piece.)

Fall for Dance in NYC

September 20, 2008

The Fall for Dance Festival at City Center in NYC is a grab-bag of 28 companies in 6 programs over 10 nights. Everybody’s in it, from ABT to The Lombard Twins, and, at $10 a seat, it’s always sold out. 

The audience is mostly young—sometimes too young. Thursday night, the Pichet Klunchun Dance Company was making a stunning entrance: Read on…

From Her Lips to Your Ears: the Palin-McCain Administration

September 19, 2008

In my last post, I wondered why Sarah Palin was running against Barack Obama. Hear her tell it like she thinks it is: the Palin-McCain administration, courtesy of the Huffington Post.

Why Is Sarah Palin Running against Barack Obama?

September 18, 2008

In her September 17 New York Times column, Maureen Dowd quotes a Wasilla “Wal-Mart mom” who said that Obama “gives [her] the creeps” – he “seems snotty and he looks weaselly”, whereas Sarah Palin is “down home”.

This is exactly why the Republicans are once again asserting the politics of identity—in which wealthy candidates pose as down-home types (clearing brush, shooting moose), thus inducing ordinary people to feel comfortable with them. Read the rest…

Welcome to Beyond the Zeitgeist

September 13, 2008

Zeitgeist: The spirit of the time.

This is a blog for people who, finding themselves beyond the zeitgeist, nevertheless remain in a dialogue with it.

Read on…

Back to the 50’s with Sarah Palin

September 13, 2008

It’s particularly depressing to contemplate Sarah Palin as a 21st-centruy avatar of 1950’s sexual ideology.

Already this year we’ve had the Mormon-Stepford wives in their identical 19th-century drag and creepy hairdos. Now we have a vice-presidential candidate who is using her own daughter—not to mention her Down-syndrome infant—to further her political career, and being praised for her family values! (Not to worry, she assured us during the convention, the baby is on the bus, being cared for by his big sister.) Read more…